The Many Benefits of a License to Carry: What You Need to Know

With the Constitutional Carry law passed allowing anyone who meets certain qualifications to permitless carry, one may ask, well why do we need a License to Carry anymore?

It’s correct, we don’t need a License to Carry legally anymore, but there are so many reasons why you should reconsider getting that License to Carry if you are thinking of owning a handgun.

Here are some major reasons why you NEED a License to Carry.

Educated on Current Handgun Laws and Regulations

This is one of the most important reasons why you need a License to Carry.
Without taking a license to carry class, you could be missing a lot of valuable information on gun regulations and whatnot.
According to the DPS, a typical License to Carry Class covers:

  • Up to date on recent gun laws and regulations
  • How to resolve a situation in a non-violent manner
  • Where use of force is permitted, what situations
  • How to properly handle, maintain, and store your handgun

These are just general things you will learn if you go for a License to Carry.
Without knowing the laws, you could get into trouble later on.

There are so many places you can carry your firearm, but there are equally a lot of places where it is prohibited to carry, and it will get you into unwanted trouble with law enforcement.

By taking the steps to get a License to Carry, all this and more will be covered in great detail ensuring that you are safe and everyone else is safe.

Legal protection

Another exceptionally important reason you should seriously get yourself a License to Carry is the protection it can provide you in the face of the law.

Your License to Carry is like your driver’s license, it identifies who you are, and it is credible, anyone can see it and recognize it, the same goes with your License to Carry.

In the unfortunate situation that you are pulled over by law enforcement for any minor or major traffic violation whilst you are carrying, having a License to Carry can mean the difference between you being let go or getting arrested.

The problem with carrying Constitutionally is that only you know that you are legally allowed to carry, but no one else does.
And without that License to Carry, no one can be certain if you are doing it legally or illegally.

The same goes for law enforcement. They don’t know magically your entire legal history, there in the dark like everyone else.

Having a License to Carry can save you so much hassle as you can show an officer and they will know exactly what it is, and it will ease the situation.

For a person who is carrying and doesn’t have a License to Carry during a traffic stop, you essentially got yourself into a tough pickle, to say the least.

Without knowing your background history and criminal history, a traffic stop like this can take quite a while, and if the officer deems so, you could even be arrested, and you won’t even be able to defend yourself properly.

By having your License to Carry present in any legal situation, that license is telling that you have been legally approved to carry a handgun, you have passed extensive background checks and nothing dangerous was found.

This puts you the carrier at ease and puts law enforcement at ease.

Recreational Activities

Now, it’s not all laws and regulations when it comes to getting your License to Carry, there are a lot of fun things you can do if you get a License to Carry that a Constitutional Carrier may not be able to do.

Hunting is a fantastic way to exercise outdoors, and it allows you to spend time with your family so it can be a really nice bonding experience for everyone.

Hunting is not allowed for those who possess a handgun under the pretext of Constitutional Carry only.
You would need a License to Carry to get started with hunting.

It is important to also know all the rules and regulations before you start, such as animals you cannot hunt like an endangered species or reserved areas where no one is allowed.

Those are just a few rules as there are many more you need to know.

In the event you are stopped by a ranger or anyone who inquires about your license, not having one will get you into serious trouble, and even lead to an arrest in some situations.

Another benefit of having a License to Carry is being able to carry it during many other outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, camping, climbing, etc.

With a License to Carry, you can rest assured that you are legally carrying your handgun in any of those places.

Please note that there are some places where firearms are prohibited, even if you have a License to Carry.
However, most areas of recreation should allow a handgun if you have a License to Carry.

Always check with authorities for the latest information or check the DPS website for more details.

Other stuff to consider as well

There are numerous benefits to having a License to Carry such as self-defense and crime prevention.
Carrying a gun can reduce the likelihood of you being a target of any crime.

And in the event, you are targeted, you can properly defend yourself and your loved ones.

Always remember, before pulling your gun out, you cannot use it unless it is dire.

Using a firearm in the wrong place in the wrong situation can get your right to carry potentially revoked and you could be arrested.
For this reason and many more, getting a License to Carry is highly recommended to get.

By getting a License to Carry, you are gaining invaluable knowledge which can help protect you and others in many situations.
Having a License to Carry will put you at ease as well as you know 100% you can legally carry, and no one can say anything about that.

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