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Texas LTC: A Complete Guide

The acronym for License to Carry is LTC.

The Texas LTC (License to Carry) is a license that allows you to carry a handgun in Texas lawfully. Conceal carry refers to carrying your gun entirely concealed yet immediately accessible if necessary.

However, obtaining an LTC in Texas is complicated. Completing a rigorous application procedure, which includes a criminal background check and passing a weapons safety exam, is required.

However, there are strict regulations governing a handgun license in Texas. Only handguns are permitted to be carried in Texas with LTC; this license covers no other weapons.

How Did You Get The LTC Permit?

In Texas, an LTC is a permit that authorizes a person to carry a concealed handgun. It is pretty valuable for a variety of reasons. It makes it simpler for individuals to carry guns for personal defense. People with an LTC may carry a handgun in public, implying they can legally carry it even while not at home.

Here are the steps to get your LTC Permit:

Check Your Eligibility!

You should verify your eligibility before attempting to get Texas handgun licensure; doing so will save you time if you do not meet the legal requirements. The following are the eligibility criteria for a Texas license to carry:

  • Being a legal resident of the state
  • Being at least 21 years old (Now 18 Years Old)
  • Having never been convicted of a crime or a Class A or B offense
  • Being capable of exercising sound judgment while in possession of a gun.

Complete The Class:

You may begin the class session as soon as you confirm your eligibility! Our seminar is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge they need that is convenient for them. If you have the time to do everything at once, that's fantastic!

If not, you may stop the class and resume it anytime. There are four subject modules and a 25-question test at the conclusion to assess your understanding.

Texas LTC - A Complete Guide

Complete The Live Fire Exam:

A live fire portion is needed by law to evaluate your ability to shoot a gun in a range to strike a target correctly. To prepare for the live fire section, practice target shots and improve your accuracy.

Apply For Your LTC:

After passing both the online and live firing portions, you must apply for your Texas LTC permit on the Texas DPS website. To get a license, you must pay a cost of $40. Although the minimum age to apply for an LTC is 20, you may start taking the necessary classes at age 20, as long as you wait until age 21 to submit your application. Age requirement is now 18 Years Old.

If you choose not to submit your application online, you may send all this data by mail. It is entirely optional to apply before beginning your classes. Once you have received certificates from both segments, you may finish the application and submit your documents.

Get Fingerprinted:

When you apply for your Texas LTC permit, you must make an appointment to get fingerprinted. You should budget roughly $10. After completing the Texas LTC virtual application, the work may be arranged online immediately.

To get digitized fingerprints for a handgun license in Texas, Indigo USA is used. Indigo has branches all around Texas, making fingerprinting fast and easy. It is conceivable that the fingerprints submitted do not fulfill all of the legal standards. If this is the case, you will be advised in writing that other fingerprints are required.

Submit Paperwork:

In terms of documentation, you'll need certificates from the classroom and live firing portions, an LTC-6 form, two passport-style pictures (if you live out of state), and a copy of your government-issued ID. If you do not want to submit your documents online, you may do so by mail.

Wait For Approval:

The DPS will accept your certificates and papers for your Texas LTC permit and begin processing them. This process might take up to 60 days. You can't start open carrying until you have your actual license in the mail.

Suppose anything has to be clarified, or the Texas Department of Public Safety wants further information. If that's the case, expect a letter from them. Once you have submitted the required papers, the DPS has 180 days to accept your application. Send the necessary information quickly since severe delays may force DPS to cancel your license request.

Permit Duration and Renewal Policies:

According to state legislation, the holder's handgun license is valid for four years. It expires on the holder's birthday after the fourth year.

Returning applicants must reapply for a concealed carry handgun license, pay the $40 renewal fee, and complete the LTC-85 (Release of Records) and LTC-86 (License Renewal) forms. You may renew your license online at the Texas DPS website.

Benefits of Carrying an LTC Permit:

Yes, you read it correctly! More than 40 additional states have signed agreements with Texas. With your Texas license, you may carry your gun in other states. A permit to carry your handgun allows you to carry your handgun in more areas and protects its holders.

Furthermore, people who have a license to carry in Texas are protected. A person who possesses a legal license to carry is not arrested. Consequently, having a license to carry clarifies the issue in court, allowing you to defend yourself better.