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Do you live in Garland, Texas and want to get your License to Carry (LTC)?

Are you a resident of Garland, Texas looking to obtain a license to concealed carry? LTC TRAINING TEXAS provides the official online class for obtaining a license to carry certificate (LTC) in Texas to meet your needs.

Our online class is the best way to get your LTC. It’s convenient, affordable, and you can take it from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even have to leave your house – Save your gas money – we come to you!

With our online class, you will receive the same training as if you took the class in person. Plus, our instructors are certified by the state of Texas and are experts in firearms safety. You can be confident that when you take our online class, you’re getting the best education possible.

Enroll today for our online class today and get started on your path to getting a License to Carry!

This class offers flexibility and ease of access, allowing you to complete the training at your own pace, space, and schedule. This online class is the official training recognized by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

After completing the class, you will have the opportunity to participate in a live-fire session to meet the state’s proficiency requirement.

LTC Certificate of Training

Upon completion of the online class, we will issue the certificate of training, which is required to apply for your License To Carry. This certificate is recognized and accepted by the Texas DPS as proof of your completion of the training. It can be used anywhere within Texas.

Receive Qualitative Training with Ease

License to Carry Garland Texas is fully approved by the Texas DPS and meets all the state’s training requirements for obtaining a Concealed Handgun License. The training you receive is comprehensive and up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations.

The class covers everything from weapon and deadly force law to handgun use and safety, proper firearm storage practices, home defense, handgun proficiency training, resolving disputes in a nonviolent manner, and many more.

Advantage Of Texas LTC Over Constitutional Carry

The Texas License to Carry (LTC) offers several advantages over Constitutional Carry, including reciprocity in other states and legal protection for carrying a handgun in a school zone.

LTC holders also have the ability to keep a firearm and ammunition concealed in their locked vehicle in a school parking lot and are exempt from background check delays when purchasing a firearm from a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder.

Our instructors are waiting for you to attend License to Carry Garland Texas in Garland

Don’t wait any longer to take the first step in obtaining your Concealed Handgun License. Sign up for the official online class for Garland residents today and start your journey to legally carrying a concealed weapon in public.

License to Carry Garland Texas License to Carry Online Course
Raymond CatherineRaymond Catherine
13:42 18 Jul 22
Loved the class and will be back for another! Very informative and a focus on safety which I appreciate compared to others I have taken. If you're going to carry, you've got to know everything about what you're carrying and your laws. Gary covered this and catered to every student while making the experience fun. I highly recommend him and can't wait to sign up for the next course!
David JosephDavid Joseph
07:53 18 Jul 22
Finished my CCW/SDA class the other weekend. Gary is one of the best firearms instructors I have encountered. The way he explains the legality and responsibilities of being a CCW citizen from a simple layman aspect is crucial. He makes the class fun so you don’t fall asleep!
Dalton HardinDalton Hardin
10:40 16 Jul 22
I have taken two classes from Gary and have learned a tremendous amount. I appreciate how thorough he is and how he makes sure you fully understand every aspect before moving on. Safety is always stressed in his classes, which I appreciate. I’m looking forward to taking more classes with and increasing my firearm knowledge. Keep up the good work!
Emily ScarlettEmily Scarlett
07:36 12 Jul 22
Gary is a great instructor. He is friendly, personable, and happy to help in the learning process. Gary is very safe and trains you to be the same. I've learned a lot from him and plan on coming back for more classes!
Lindsey HessyLindsey Hessy
06:33 03 Jul 22
Highly recommend!! If you have no previous knowledge or experience; have no fear Gary will make sure you understand, are comfortable and can protect those you love. If you’re familiar with the laws and handguns; you too will walk away knowing more than you came knowing. Expect to be there as the course calendar says but I promise you it doesn’t feel as long - the class is that interesting, engaging and interactive!
Adriene ShurmenAdriene Shurmen
00:27 27 Jun 22
Their Online License to Carry class is very simple to understand. Do it at your own pace. Had a few questions and they responded very quickly. Great service.
David ClarkDavid Clark
22:06 25 Jun 22
Our instructor was patient and informative. We learned so much about gun safety and the gun laws. I’m very satisfied with the course it’s an absolute steal. I recommend it to everyone!
Anthony AnthonyAnthony Anthony
17:38 25 Jun 22
Absolutely wonderful. There is always a catch when giving ratings but there is nothing negative I can say. The only thing I have to say is that you definitely have to be knowledgeable of gun. I.e. knowing how to load and shoot, I am definitely a beginner but I knew enough to get my license. I was very worried because im not a professional, but the teacher was very helpful, kind, and well worth it.
Natalie RussellNatalie Russell
14:15 19 Jun 22
Excellent course with tons of information presented in a very engaging manner. From those who have never fired a gun to experts, I would recommend Concealed Carry Academy as the best way to start your concealed carry path.
Scotty LiptzinScotty Liptzin
02:33 26 May 22
If you’re like me and have about a million things going on, the online LTC is the way to go. The instructor is not some mono-toned robot trying to teach you pew-pew tactics, this guy knows his stuff and how to articulate it. He’s clear/concise and helps you understand and bring things to a level to help push you along through what you need to know, vs pulling you through. Great class, I’ve recommended this to many of my friends already.
Adeline MelodyAdeline Melody
06:47 24 May 22
One of the most effective, informative, and useful classes I have ever taken, and I spent 20 years in the Marines. Vets, active duty, or anyone who has taken a mandatory class: imagine spending over 1/2 a day in a classroom and NOBODY is bored. Gary does an outstanding presentation and is extremely professional while keeping the class enjoyable. He will take you through real life type of scenarios to prepare you for not what is coming but for things that might be coming. This family ran business is who you want to take your class with. HIGHLY recommend these folks to anyone wanting to get a concealed carry.
Pedro LucianoPedro Luciano
09:16 23 May 22
Great class Gary! Not only did Gary engage the classroom and make us a part of the learning process, but he also patiently took on scenarios and questions willingly. With a class so long and so detailed, it’s important to keep things light while relaying the gravity of the content. I recommend this class to any new shooters and new handgun carriers.
Elaine EloiseElaine Eloise
17:13 21 May 22
I took the concealed carry class with Gary this past Saturday. He is an excellent instructor and did a great job with the class in presenting the information we need to get our license. Good sense of humor and many good scenarios that made the legal explanations useful and understandable. At the end of the day, I learned a lot more then I thought I would have even shooting techniques.
Marcell Cohen SelahMarcell Cohen Selah
02:05 17 May 22
Had an awesome experience. My wife and I recently did the Saturday class to get our conceal carry certificate and learn more about gun safety. Classes are small so you can get more personal training and learn in a relaxed, uncrowded environment. Gary was an excellent instructor that made sure everyone was engaged and confident when it came time to test. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get a certificate and not have to deal with one of the bigger schools where your questions might get overlooked or you don't feel confident when it comes time to test.
Rowan HarrisonRowan Harrison
19:17 13 May 22
I can honestly say that I left impressed! Its a great learning environment. Gary was a great instructor, and made learning gun safety and laws enjoyable. I really enjoyed his teaching style. Extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain vague concepts and laws clearly. Out of everything, I really enjoyed that it was a family owned business and had a hospitable feel. If you take a LTC course anywhere else.....You’re just wasting your time.
David JosephDavid Joseph
18:08 05 May 22
Had an awesome experience. My wife and I recently did the Saturday class to get our conceal carry certificate and learn more about gun safety. Classes are small so you can get more personal training and learn in a relaxed, uncrowded environment. Gary was an excellent instructor that made sure everyone was engaged and confident when it came time to test. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get a certificate and not have to deal with one of the bigger schools where your questions might get overlooked or you don't feel confident when it comes time to test.
Chelsea AshleyaChelsea Ashleya
19:23 02 May 22
Our family had an absolutely amazing experience. We had a mixed group of shooters ranging from retired military to those who have never shot a handgun before. The class offered something for each and everyone of us. Gary was very very patient and worked with every shooter to make each feel comfortable and knowledgeable at both the classroom and range activities. If you have ever wanted to take a CHL class, I highly encourage you to sign up. You will not regret it a bit.
Eric DawsonEric Dawson
11:52 02 May 22
I don’t think I can expand anymore on what has been said in earlier reviews. I can say that being the last of my buddies to take a concealed carry class, the main complaint has been that the classes have been incredibly dry and a chore to sit through. This is most definitely not the case with Gary. He is engaging and presents the subject matter in such a way as to keep the class interesting. He is extremely organized, knowledgeable and is a natural at teaching others. I was impressed with how he greeted each participant personally when they came through the door. Great experience and I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to obtain a concealed carry permit.
Kristien JhonsonKristien Jhonson
15:07 01 May 22
Gary and Julie were amazing. The class was so informative. I learned so much from them and I plan to diligently recommend them to anyone I know that is interested. Their passion for safety and teaching others safety is shown in every aspect of the class. Thank you for your hard work guys.
Juana GonzálezJuana González
07:39 01 May 22
I don’t normally leave reviews but after taking this class I felt compelled to so anyone who is looking for somewhere to get their concealed carry certification can look no further! I was prepared for a long and boring day but Gary was awesome! He was funny, engaging and the day went by so much faster than I was expecting. I can’t say enough good things about Gary! He is very knowledgeable and extremely competent…and made you feel comfortable and at ease! I will be recommending this class to everyone I know!
Liso SmallLiso Small
06:32 30 Apr 22
This was an amazing course with an awesome instructor. I have anxiety and I was nervous all the way up until I walked in the door. Gary really made it a comfortable environment and asking questions was encouraged. As a class, we laughed a lot, but we also knew to take the information seriously. I came home raving about how I’d be willing to go back even if a friend was going and I was just along for the ride. It really was a great class. In today’s world, everyone who’s even thinking about the class, should go ahead and take it. 10/10 recommend this class.
Frank DebraFrank Debra
19:04 29 Apr 22
Both my father and I took his course on my father's 50th birthday. It was kinda funny because I paid for us both and my father wasn't to excited. Only because he didn't think he need a concealed carry license. However, thanks to Gary's teachings, knowledge and personality made the day a great experience. Plus it was a father and son day I will never forgot. It even had my father saying it was one of the best Birthday presents ever. Again thanks Gary.
Juliay BarberJuliay Barber
17:12 29 Apr 22
My husband and I took the concealed carry class, and we couldn't be MORE satisfied with our instructor! Gary commands the subject matter while making you laugh. He gives you real world scenarios coupled with his experience to help you understand how to act responsibly with a firearm! Gary is VERY professional and knowledgeable but VERY DOWN TO EARTH. He takes the edge off of the class while helping you to understand the law. I would recommend ANYONE who is considering taking a class to do it with Gary at Blackrock Firearms Training!
Irene SalpsonIrene Salpson
13:53 20 Apr 22
I found the Blackrock Firearms Training to be very educational and entertaining. It is not a long boring class you sit through. The classes are small enough to offer good interaction with the instructor which makes the class more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Blackrock Firearms Training classes for any of your gun training needs.
Lila AllisoyLila Allisoy
13:48 20 Apr 22
Made the decision to get my License to Carry a handgun. That was the easy part. Figuring out the best place to get the class was a little harder.I talked to my friends, read a lot of reviews, talked to several different instructors, and made my decision to go with Blackrock Firearms Training. If you're looking for firearms training for a little brush-up, a first time shooter, or to get your License to Carry, I highly recommend Blackrock Firearms Training.
Renee CummingsyRenee Cummingsy
05:57 20 Apr 22
Very knowledgeable and professional in teaching both proper handgun usage and the License to Carry class. I had no handgun experience and took a online lesson. They was very patient in putting me at ease handling my firearm efficiently and safely. I highly recommend them.
Austin EverettAustin Everett
11:55 14 Apr 22
Really great training experience. The instructors are very knowledgeable. You get a lot of one-on-one training and feedback appropriate for your skill level. And it's fun, too. Highly recommended.
Franky DamonyFranky Damony
13:13 11 Apr 22
After talking to my husband who already has his Texas Concealed Carry Permit from years ago. I decided it was time for me to get mine. Surprised about how the law has changed to a License to Carry now. I searched out a way to take the class while working and raising 3 boys. Then I found LTC Training Texas. So easy and straightforward, I took it online and when I had time. Hands down the best service I have had in long time.

Faq's About License to Carry Garland

Yes, it is accepted as valid personal identification and voter ID.

Certificates from live-fire and proficiency exam, LTC-6 form, passport-style photos, and government-issued ID.

Initial licenses are valid for 4 years, renewal licenses are valid for 5 years.

No, fingerprints and photos on the existing files will be used.

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