Texas Online License To Carry Class

Texas Online License To Carry Class

Official DPS Approved Texas LTC Online Class


Texas is a great state to live in, and getting your Texas LTC license will give you many benefits. You’ll be able to protect yourself with ease when walking or driving anywhere that has public transportation accessible for people who don’t have licenses too! Our online course is approved by the Department of Public Safety so it’s fully certified-there are no tricks up our sleeve:) We make learning easy; our Texas Online License To Carry Class course is only $40 dollars. All this starts today…Enroll Now

There are so many restrictions in place that it’s impossible to avoid them all. But with an LTC, you can carry without any worries! The peace of mind this card provides will make your journey much easier and allow for greater productivity on the job site or wherever else work may take us. We guarantee success of passing our class!!


  • Peace of Mind When Carrying

  • Carry In 37 States

  • Legal Protection A LTC Provides

  • Trespass Protection

  • School Zone Carry

  • Interactions With Police

  • Learn The Carry Laws

  • Bypass Background Check When Buying Guns

  • Trespass Protection

  • Protection If Carrying Past No Gun Signs

LTC Training Texas is proud to offer the most comprehensive and easy-to understand training course in Texas. Anyone from any location can take our online LTC class, which will give you access to your official licensing LTC-101 certificate once completed! 

When you are ready simply schedule range time with any local LTC instructor, take them your LTC-101 and complete your familiarization qualification.

 Our Texas Online License To Carry Class is only 4 hours long and you can break it up into any time frame that works for YOU! We made the process as easy- breezy so there’s absolutely nothing holding you back from taking this concealed carry course today.

Our online class is the minimum required by law, but you have plenty of options for how to complete it. You’re able take this course on any device that has internet access so even if there’s only space available inside one hour at home while watching TV or doing laundry – no problem; just log out when finished with what needs done and continue later from where ever else fits into busy schedule better!

So Who Can Take The Texas Online License To Carry Class?

The only thing standing in your way of obtaining a Texas License to Carry is yourself! As approved instructors and DPS approved class provider, we can help you through the process and get it done quickly with our online course. Then once completed successfully – within hours actually-you’ll be able download your certificate for free from anywhere at anytime so long as there’s internet connection available. The beauty of the internet is that Anyone from Anywhere in the nation and deployed (Military) can take this class.

Texas License to Carry Texas Permitless Carry
Concealed Carry a Handgun in Public*
Open Carry a Handgun in Public*
Must Meet Eligibility Requirements
Carry in 37 Other Sates
Bypass Background Checks when Purchasing Firearms
Carry in Federal Gun Free School Zones
Carry in Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, or Amusement Parks*
Carry in Public Place With Any Type of “No Firearm” Sign Posted
Legal Protections When Carrying at Certain Prohibited Locations
Carry inside College Campus Buildings and at College Sporting Events*
Airport Protections
Room of an Open Meeting of a Governmental Entity

Range / Shooting Portion?

We try to provide the best online class availiable. Please read our reviews, we take great pride in providing the best service and class as possible. So for the range portion, this can be completed by a local range/instructor in your area. Upon completion of our online class and print out of your LTC-101 certificate, we will help in finding a local range instructor to complete familiarization qualification. There are those that can be exempt from the range portion though so read below before you take time to go to the range to make sure.

Who is Exempt From The Shooting Portion?

There are some people who don’t have to complete the shooting portion of their Texas License To Carry class. All they need do is complete our online license-submit their documents to DPS and wait for  their license! Those that can skip this part include:

    • County Jailers that have completed firearms training as part of their employment.
    • Texas State Correctional Officiers “CO’s” are automatically exempt from the shooting portion.
    • Active duty military or veterans that have within the past 10 years completed training in the familiarization of firearms  OR have firearm shooting scores from the military.

The above individuals will receive a Texas license to carry without taking the shooting qualification.

If you have any questions please reach out and contact us!

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