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License to Carry in El Paso Texas

Still looking for a way to get the License to Carry in El Paso Texas? Look no further than our online classroom! We are approved by DPS and offer unlimited access at your own pace with an interactive instructor-led learning experience that’s guaranteed not only be efficient but also effective.

Online El Paso LTC Class

You can now get a license to carry in El Paso Texas from the comfort of your home! The course is designed for those who are looking, and it works well on all devices.

Our interactive course will provide all the information needed, so there’s no need to search around or worry about missing anything important. You can study anywhere with your phone or tablet.

El Paso LTC on SALE NOW!!

We’re not playing around when we say that our online course is the most affordable license-to carry class in El Paso. Think about all those expenses, not to mention travel expenses! But now you don’t have worry because it’s easy as pie with us – just $40 for your online class which gets your certified on everything necessary related Texas’ LTC firearms laws.

Carry Without Restrictions

The handgun license is the only way to legally carry a gun in many places. Licenses are easy-to get, but they don’t come without restrictions – without one you must follow extra rules and regulations that can make traveling with your weapon difficult or even impossible! Getting this LTC removes a lot of those limitations.

Originally posted on March 15, 2022 @ 5:23 pm