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Texas CHL vs. LTC

One question we get asked is what is the difference and what is better a Texas CHL vs. LTC

In Texas, there is only one permit and it’s called a license-to carry (or LTC). We used to call this concealed handgun license “CHL”, but since they no longer differentiate between permissions in our state for those with versus without weapons on their person; we’ve changed how people refer too as well by interchangeable usage of both terms now days!

Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License)

Years ago, when Texas law only allowed concealed carry, the permit was called a Texas CHL or a concealed handgun license. Carrying a gun hidden from view was the only way to carry in Texas for many years, so that is why the license was called a CHL.

Texas LTC (License to Carry)

In 2016, Texas passed a law that allowed people to carry their handguns either concealed or openly. The term “concealed handgun license” no longer made sense because we were no longer required to conceal our handguns. So the name of the handgun license changed to “license to carry.”

Get Your Texas CHL/LTC

Do you want to get your Texas License to Carry? This license will allow you to carry in more places with fewer restrictions. It also provides legal protections, like trespass protection and prohibited places protection. Plus, if you travel outside of Texas, you can carry in 37 other states.

We are the statewide provider of the Online Texas LTC class. You can take our online LTC class from any city in Texas and Nationwide (Example: I have many Active deployed Military taking the class internationally) to get your license to carry “formerly called “CHL”. Get certified online below and leave the crowded classrooms behind.

I look forward to walking with you on your journey to getting your Texas License to carry. I’m excited to help you take the necessary steps to making your dream of getting your Texas License to Carry Permit a reality.

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