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Texas CHL vs. LTC

Texas CHL vs. LTC

If you own a handgun or any gun in Texas, you may be familiar with the words "concealed handgun license," "CHL," and "license to carry," or you may have seen references to them online. To be fair, even seasoned gun owners can become a little confused when discussing gun laws and licensing procedures due to the abundance of jargon. We're going to concentrate on LTC and CHL today. The experts in firearms instruction at Online LTC, a leading supplier of CHL online training, explain what you need to know.

Benefits of CHL Texas for Military Service Members - Texas CHL vs. LTC

What's included in an LTC?

An LTC is the term for a license to carry. Since 2017, this has been the official term of preference in Texas. At that point, the state legislature decided to replace the word "concealed handgun license" with this one. Texas refers to both concealed and open carry, which have been legal since 2016, as licenses to carry.

The Definition of a CHL

Before 2017, you had to apply for a concealed handgun license in Texas if you wanted to carry a pistol. The reason CHL got its name was that, up until 2016, the only way to carry a gun in Texas was to hide it from plain sight.

Nothing Changes

In Texas, there is no distinction between an LTC and a CHL. Prior to 2017, people used the phrase "concealed handgun license," while the current official term is "license to carry." The recent change in usage often leads to the interchangeability of these two names. Nonetheless, they allude to the same thing legally. The reason for the modification was that Texas legalized open carry in 2016. This implied that a concealed handgun license covered open carry. Thus, changing the phrase to "license to carry" made sense.

License Requirements for LTC/CHL

You should be aware of the Texas license to carry requirements, regardless of the phrase you want to use. In Texas, this entails both a competency requirement and classroom training.

Requirements for the Classroom

The classroom portion can now be finished online with our 4-hour Online Texas License to Carry Class. If you opt for in-person instruction in a typical classroom, prepare for six to eight hours, as we cover the material in a single, extended session. You can divide the learning sessions into 15–20 minute video sessions if you choose the online version.

Competency Conditions

In addition, a written exam will be required of you as part of the classroom training. A proficiency requirement is the last criterion to earn what used to be known as a concealed handgun license. As part of the licensing requirement, you will have to go to a range and shoot various shooting exercises.

Out-of-State vs. In-State Licenses

Other states occasionally refer to a license to carry a weapon as a "license" or "firearms permit.". You can use this kind of license in the Lone Star State if it is from a state that Texas accepts for licensing purposes. Nevertheless, there are benefits to receiving your LTC in Texas. For example, if you are buying a handgun in Texas and you have a valid carry license, the background check requirement might not apply to you.

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