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The Official Online Texas License to Carry Class

The Official Online Texas License to Carry Class

Our  Texas LTC (Formally Texas Concealed Carry CHL) course is voted #1 class for hard working Americans that want to take the LTC-CHL class on their own time. The best part is that you can attend the classes in classrooms or online. This training will be provided through us. A Texas DPS Approved online approved course provider. It contains all the essential information that you need to get a Texas concealed carry license.

Texas Concealed Carry Law

Most of the people in our society are concerned about their health and safety as well. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to use a firearm to protect themselves. They just stay still when an unpleasant moment happens to them. A handgun safety course is required for each person who wants to apply for the Texas License to Carry. 

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This is mandatory for everyone and everyone who wish to apply for the concealed carry license must complete the course which will provide you the evidence as well.

License to carry Applications Requirements

There are the requirements for the license to carry for application requirements and the one who fulfill these requirements is eligible to attend the course as well.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older than that then you can be eligible for a Texas License to Carry (LTC) (18 Years old if Active-Duty Military)

  • Before starting, you must be willing to submit to a background check
  • Then you must complete a four hour Online LTC Class (training) or 8-12 hours of in-person classroom training from a Texas DPS approved provider.
  • You must pass the Texas LTC exam which they will first take online. Online 25 question quiz is more like it. Simple and Quick.
  • The most important thing is the handling of a handgun. You must prove that you are efficient enough to handle a handgun while shooting. (More in line with familiarization, you can click step 2 above and it will walk you through the range portion) (There are also range exemptions Active-Duty Military, Veterans with Range Documentation within last 10 years, LEO, Corrections, ETC. Contact us for more info if you like)

Legitimate and Legal courses

Below I will walk you through a quick overview of what you can expect.

The Texas License to Carry course (handgun training) is required for each and every person who seeks to obtain a Texas concealed handgun license and must have training sessions and those sessions must be divided into parts.

One part of the course is the classroom instructions in which you can learn in a more good way because you can be available for the practices as well.

Second part is the range instruction and an actual demonstration by the applicant of the applicant’s ability to safely and proficiently use a handgun. There is no waiving this, everyone must go through the class be it 4 hours online or 8+ in-person.

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An educated and qualified instructor will teach you every part of a handgun proficiency course and you will learn more quickly. Here you can see a lot of information related to the concealed carry course. The classroom instruction part is not less than four to six hours of instructions. On The laws relate to weapons and use the of deadly force as well.

It also includes handguns safety, including the use of restraint holsters and various methods to make sure the safe and secure carrying of openly carried handguns

  • Nonviolent dispute and resolutions
  • Proper storage practices for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminates the accident injury to a child.

Study Guide for Concealed Carry Education

According to the Texas statutes, this course covers the following required topics.

  • Laws that are related to the handguns laws concerning  the use of deadly force
  • Handgun safety and use including the use of the restraint holsters and methods, to make sure the secure carrying of the handguns.

Course Objectives

  • The overall objective of this Texas License to Carry (LTC) course is to teach you the laws and responsibilities that apply to the License to Carry (LTC) holders.
  • As you move towards each module, you will be given the objectives for that specific module.

Module 1- Introduction

In this module you will be provided with general information regarding the laws related to the use of the handguns and to use of deadly force.

When you study this information, always remember that how and whether these laws apply to a specific scenario.

It will depend on the specific underlying facts and are subjected towards different interpretations by the law enforcements, prosecuting agencies and the courts as well.

So, there can be different conditions and scenarios as well.

Upon Completing Module 1, you should:

  • Be able to remember the places where a handgun may or may not be carried by a license holder.
  • Be able to define or tell the possible outcomes from carrying a handgun while intoxicated.
  • Understand and know how mutuality and unilateral agreements function. And know the resources that are there to tell and determine which states are reciprocal.
  • Always be familiar with the rules, regulations, and laws in Penal Code Chapter 9 related to licensing to carry and the use of power.
  • Always determines the difference between two things. One is: reasonable” and the second is “necessity”
  • Always understand when he/she can justify the use of the force.

As we all know that local and federal government have different laws.

They make their policies according to their areas so, you must find out that what is legal in your area.

In addition, we can say that, if you are taking your handgun with you to another location, you must make sure that you are following the laws while transporting a handgun.

You must always check the laws and regulations as well where you will be shooting your gun. No doubt that laws are made for the ease of the population.

If those laws are concerned with the people who wants to carry a concealed carry license than they must be having all the information regarding the laws likewise.

Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry Introduction

Practicing with your handgun to develop the skills regarding firearms is not much difficult. But you must be careful while handling a handgun.

Just as important otherwise make sure that you learn the Texas laws for concealed carry and open carry for a handgun. The one who wants to have a concealed carry license, should know both the criminal and civil requirements.

This course will provide you the information on some of the laws in Texas. If you are unsure about the laws after completing this course than you can get help from us directly or you can contact to the attorney who is familiar with the Texas handgun laws.

If you plan to take the handgun to another state then you must be aware and follow the laws of that state. In Texas, you must carry all the handguns so that they are either concealed or in a shoulder or belt holster.


According to the Texas Penal Code 46.01, any firearm that is made, adapted, or designed to be fired with one hand, where a firearm is any device made, adapted, or designed to expel a projectile through a barrel by using the energy generated by an explosion or burning any device readily changeable to that use.

Open Carry

Carrying a handgun on or about a person, including a shoulder or a belt such that the handgun is particularly or wholly visible.

Concealed Carry

Carrying a handgun in a way that a common person cannot predict that the person carrying the handgun is armed.

Who May not Get a License to Carry

According to the Texas Government Code, you cannot get a Texas License to carry if you do not meet the following requirements. For example, you would be ineligible if you:

  • Have been charged with any of the crime or felony offenses listed in the statute
  • Are chemically dependent
  • Are not capable of exercising sound judgment regarding the proper use and storage of the handgun.
  • Have been convicted of a Felony
  • Are offending in building a child support payment that is administered by the attorney general
  • Are limited under the court protective order or restraining orders offending your spousal relationships.

License to Carry Expiration Date

The expiration date depends on your LTC depends on your birth date:

  • If you are a U.S. citizen, the LTC expires on your first birthday that occurs four years after the date the license is issued to you.

About our Online Course

Get certified online for your Texas License to Carry (LTC). Our Texas online license to carry class is the official and valid online Texas LTC class which is verified by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

We make it very easy and feasible to get a license.

Texas License to Carry

Unlike others, our online classes are very easy because of the experienced instructors and one more thing is that we break everything down into levels so it is very easy to understand and grasp the whole idea out of it.

We also get you in touch with a local instructor in your area. They help to complete the course by giving you the shooting training once you are done with our online course.

You can also take our online classes according to your comfort and time.

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If you are at home, or outside you can just have the tab and click on the course and there it is.

While watching you remember that something is left that you have not done yet then, you can pause it and after doing the other tasks, you can get back to it where you left it.

It is also available 24/7 at your place on your schedule.

You can save yourself by not sitting for hours in the classrooms and listening to the boring lectures.

Our online class is available to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you live, our online class is certified statewide. We have many people take our Online Texas LTC nationwide. We service Active Military all over the world. It is rather amazing the door technology opened up with this concealed carry class.

Who can take the Texas Online LTC class?

One more question that I am often asked is who can attend this class and the answer is that anyone from anywhere can take our official Texas Online license class.

It does not matter in which city you are living in, Our LTC class is certified and approved by Texas DPS statewide.

Once your class have been completed, Your certificate of completion, LTC-101 will be immediately available to download.

Reload at Range Texas Concealed Carry Texas License to Carry

You can also take online classes on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. It is very user-friendly.

So, in short, you can take online classes in the comfort of your home, your car, anywhere you can get an internet connection.

It is all administered through videos that are broken into 10-15 minutes segments.

Progress of you is saved at the end of every video allowing you to take the LTC class as fast or slow as you want.

So there it is as much information about our Texas License to Carry (LTC) Course. I hope this helps you make an informed decision. If you are interested and want to have a certification of Texas License to carry then you can register now below.

Please take control of your own safety. In today’s crazy world there will always be one common denominator. Your, and your families best protector is you and yourself.

We look forward to joining and helping you through this journey of exercising your 2nd Amendment.

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