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  Online Course

Wichita Falls Texas License to Carry Online Course

Wichita Falls Texas License to Carry Online Course

Getting your License to Carry Permit has never been easier in Wichita Falls Texas. It is as easy as taking our online Texas CHL (LTC) course. It teaches those wishing to carry open or concealed firearms relevant Texas gun laws and firearms safety! Exercise your 2nd Amendment. For those wishing to have the legal right to carry a handgun in most other states, and not just in Texas, the benefit to legally carry in most other states should get the Texas LTC permit. For others who don’t travel, this training may also provide you with a level of legal liability protection by having been properly trained in the use of the weapon you are carrying. You will also have the benefit of being able to legally carry in 37 other reciprocal states. Don’t delay, exercise your 2nd Amendment and take your Wichita Falls Texas License to Carry Online Course today!

Military & Veterans Texas LTC

Wichita Falls Texas LTC 4 Hour CHL Class Handgun Class ONLINE

This is the Texas DPS approved online course for the Texas Online Concealed Carry LTC Class. Complete the online course instead of a classroom setting. Then schedule the range shooting portion in your area.

Get certified online for your Texas license to carry. Our Texas online license to carry class is the official online Texas LTC class certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety. We make it easy to get your Texas license to carry. Unlike others, our online class is easy and we break everything down so it’s easy for everyone to understand. We also assist you in finding a local LTC instructor in your area to complete the shooting portion after you take our online.

You can take our license to carry class from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else for that matter, 24/7 at your own pace and on your own schedule. No more spending all day on a Saturday sitting in a crowded classroom. Our online class is available to everyone regardless of where you live in Texas. Our online Texas LTC class is certified Statewide.

As soon as you complete our online course you will be able to instantly download your official certificate of training that’s required to apply for your Texas license to carry. You will also learn how to apply for your license in our online class.