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License to Carry in Corpus Christi Texas

Get your License to Carry in Corpus Christi Texas with us today! We walk you through the whole process to obtain you Texas LTC

The new age requirement for the Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Federal Court Ruling.

Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

The Texas DPW-approved LTC course in Corpus Christi is guaranteed not only be efficient but also effective! Our instructors are dedicated professionals who will teach you everything there’s about responsible firearm ownership. You’ll feel like an expert after just one day, no matter your skill level or where live geographically within our great state (or country).

Online Corpus Christi LTC Class

Whether you’re looking for a country walk, an evening out on the town or just want to feel safe while walking down any street- our interactive online class provides the convenience of learning how get your Corpus Christi Texas concealed carry license from anywhere at home! Get started today with no limitations whatsoever – all this without having worry about being cautious outside because whether carrying inside someone else’s building doesn’t matter as much when they have these resources available 24/7 right near them ready whenever needed.

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Corpus Christi LTC on SALE NOW!!

Don’t waste time or money on another course when we offer the most affordable license to carry class in Corpus Christi. Our online classes are only $40 and get you certified for everything necessary related Texas’ LTC firearms laws!

Carry Without Restrictions

Gun owners know the importance of keeping their weapons safe and secure. That’s why we want you to get a handgun license! You’ll be able protect yourself anywhere with this legal permit, so don’t wait any longer – start today by enrolling below!

When you’re ready to get your Texas License to Carry (LTC), make sure you choose a premier training provider. Conceal Carry Academy and LTC Training Texas are committed to offering the best firearms training possible. When they need information on firearms safety or they want to take a Texas LTC class, gun owners trust the expertise of the pros from Conceal Carry Academy. If you have questions about any aspect of gun ownership in Texas, contact us today!