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10 Reasons to Concealed Carry in 2023

So, you are considering the Reasons for Concealed Carry permit, but are having trouble justifying owning a firearm. With all the controversy that has stricken firearms ownership in recent years, it is no wonder that many are deterred from owning a concealed carry permit, much more, firearms. Unfortunately for those deterred by this media-catalyzed apprehension, the ability to remain secure while out in public is severely hindered. With crimes and riots of previous years creating severe precedents on the actions of those who would do you and your family harm, here are 10 reasons to concealed carry in 2023.

Reasons to Concealed Carry in 2023:

Concealed Carry is a Deterrent

While the whole idea around a concealed carry permit is that it allows one to legally conceal a weapon, it still suffices as a deterrent. In the case of general firearms ownership, around 400 million firearms are owned by American citizens. While it stands, this is one of the main reasons the United States will always be less desirable to invade because of the sheer amount of firearms held by the US citizenry. Hitting it closer to home, the number of concealed carry permits has been increasing steadily, reaching 2.3% gains in 2022 from the previous year.

It is important to note that while concealed carry does not act as a direct deterrent from violent assailants, the fact that concealed carry is becoming much more common in society increases the perceived cost of a violent interaction. This means that a potential assailant might think twice about you having a gun or not because of efforts to make concealed carry commonplace. In many ways, it is similar to the idea of a danger sign alerting someone of danger even though there may not be any perceivable danger. Fact that a concealed firearm is not meant to be visible at all, a potential assailant may be deterred by even the notion his potential victim may be carrying a weapon.

Understand Firearms better

Owning a Firearm is one thing, but ensuring you are trained properly enough to use it in the field is an entirely different story. Concealed carry is a practice that demands a lot of respect for firearms and the lethal force that comes with each pull of the trigger. Many new CWP holders will have everything they need to legally carry, but will still hold off out of the fear of having to use the firearm to potentially incapacitate someone with lethal force. There is a heavy toll that comes with the responsibility of concealed carry and general firearms ownership that must be respected to keep yourself and others around you safe.

Any safe gun owner would be the first to say that a firearm is due a great deal of respect when handling. Gun safety is crucial at all points in time, yet might not be blatantly clear to those just beginning the process of gun ownership and concealed carry. While much of it may seem obvious - don’t put a gun at someone, make sure the chamber is empty, etc - both injury and death by accidental suicide are very real issues.

Fortunately, the process of owning a CWP requires an adept level of knowledge, most of which is learned during the concealed weapon course necessary to take before the card is even printed.  For first-time gun owners, this is especially important. Much of the information that is available in these classes is about general firearms use and safety, helping people gain more insight and confidence with firearms that are useful in both the home and out in public.

CWP Over Cops

Now we aren’t knocking esteemed law enforcement officers, but we are alluding to a very real problem in the length of time it takes law enforcement to arrive at the scene of a crime. The time: eleven minutes, is ages compared to the mere seconds a violent altercation can take to turn in favor of the criminal. Using your right to concealed carry gives you the advantage of taking your safety into your own hands, mitigating the reliance on LEOs who will only ever be able to respond to crimes that have already happened.

Now as we stated before, we are not mocking law enforcement, but pointing out that law enforcement is seldom able to arrive at the scene of a crime that is still being committed. Those precious minutes spent could mean the difference between an abduction, a murder, or a life saved. Even from a historical standpoint, the reliance on others for self-defense is very new and has been the topic of much scrutiny over the past few years, especially when concerning efforts to disarm citizens.

CCW is better than other self-defense tools

Chances are if you have been looking into useful forms of self-defense, you have come across a slew of videos, products, and services, all designed to help you demolish any oncoming threat in any situation. Gadgets like pepper spray, tasers, and gimmicky knuckle devices are pitched to those who are still too apprehensive about diving into the world of a concealed weapon permit. Self-defense classes and the like are largely marketed toward women who think they are getting valuable information on how to incapacitate unarmed assailants in a variety of situations.

Unfortunately, the problem with all of these methods is that they are either tools or methods that rely on being very close to a potential assailant. The level of danger, and by extension, your ability to come out of a violent altercation safely is dramatically reduced by both the proximity to the assailant and the length of time the altercation takes to end.

With a CCW, all that is required is basic know-how. What’s more is that practice only makes your chances of success greater, whereas the margin of error remains the same with non-lethal forms of self-defense like the ones mentioned above. The fact is, if you or someone else is about to be the victim of a violent crime, the absolute best thing you can do is carry a concealed weapons permit.

Concealed Carry Helps Awareness

Situational awareness in public is of the utmost importance whether concealed carrying or not. That being said, one of the most crucial aspects of concealed carry is a strong awareness of one's surroundings. Situational awareness is so important because a lack of awareness will result in a lack of preparedness against an oncoming threat. This will cost valuable time, and in extreme cases could result in a very dangerous disarm.

Remaining aware is the first step to general safety in public. However, it does not get people out of every situation. Owning a CWP and a CCW and using them is entirely different. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate the potential threat without utilizing lethal force against another person, which is all done through the very important development of situational awareness.

Protect Your Family

One of the most sacred duties of a parent is the preservation of the family, be that by working and supplying food, or by using lethal force against an armed assailant who has broken into your home. A concealed weapons permit is one of the best ways to do that, both on the road and in public where many crimes are capable of happening. Oftentimes, a concealed carry weapon is equally suitable for use in the home, with many handguns offering subcompact versions and higher calibers to incapacitate armed predators.

Concealed Carry Gives Tactical Advantage

While many people agree with the arguments made in favor of open carry, concealed carry provides a trump card that open carry never could: the element of surprise. You might be asking what kind of advantage this might give you, and fortunately, the answer is very simple. While many blankly assume that open carry provides a better deterrent from violent interactions, this is not entirely true, as the firearm itself becomes a target. Or you may even become a target because you have the firearm on your person. While it is still available for use in self-defense, you may yet still be attacked, especially if the assailant feels like they are going to succeed in disarming you.

This rarely happens in instances of concealed carry because a permit holder might be attacked and has nothing to do with the weapon they are hiding in their hip. You might be surprised to find that you might feel a little safer concealed carrying over open carrying because of the spike in attention that normally comes with open carry.

You are near a high-crime area

Whether your commute takes you to the not-so-great part of town or your work is based in a high-crime area, owning a CCW may be the deciding factor between going home, or going to the hospital. That’s not a threat, but understanding that the threat of being in a high-crime area for an extended amount of time increases potential danger drastically is important. That being said, if you live in, work in, or travel through an area of high crime, a CCW and CWP will be the best options for mitigating potential threats.

There are some tricks to picking out potential threats as they come in public. All successful self-defense altercations begin with situational awareness. The inability to be surprised, the detection of possible assailants before they reach your proximity, and the vigilance of standing your ground when the time comes are all important pieces to this fast-paced puzzle called self-defense. In this case, it is not just about owning a CWP, but gaining more knowledge on the area you live and work in, to better gauge threats that might be lingering around you.

Getting a CWP is easy and affordable

Despite the higher demand for them, CWP and LTC classes have remained ever so affordable. With accessibility over the internet becoming much more user-friendly and intuitive, people from all around can endeavor to take the journey toward defending their families and loved ones. What’s more is the value of concealed carry permits in other states, although research must be done to gauge which states share reciprocity with which CWP. The fact remains that for a typically decent price and a small fee for the fingerprint and signature, you can be an armed citizen standing your ground in the face of the abominable criminals that prey on the weak.

It is Your Right to Carry

For many, it is a responsibility to loved ones, the desire to protect one property, and the fear of becoming a victim that urges people to opt in for CWPs. However, some take their safety into their own hands because it is a right protected by the United States Constitution. In a world of countries whose people are not afforded the same right to keep and bear arms, as Americans, it is important to not only use that right but to preserve it for other generations to come.


Concealed carry has become a commonplace practice in the United States, making it more desirable for beginners to hop into. It is great for new gun owners to start as they will receive vital information about the general use of firearms while providing them with the ability to protect themselves and loved ones at home or in public. Owning a concealed weapons permit is the best option compared to other non-lethal forms of self-defense and makes for much better use of money than self-defense classes that do not utilize firearms training at all.

Here at the Concealed Carry Academy, we take your right and ability to preserve and protect yourself and your loved ones very seriously. Providing class fees for both LTC and CCW purposes, we make sure that standing your ground against violent criminals is not only affordable but engaging and informative as well. Click here to take control of your safety now!