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Texas license to carry is important for carrying a gun and its use in an emergency. Texas LTC give you a platform to beginning your handgun owning life.

18–20-year-olds can now get a Concealed Carry in Texas. The new age requirement for the Texas License to Carry – Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Federal Court Ruling.

Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

The gun-carrying laws of Texas are very lenient as compared to other states. A person can easily get his Texas license to carry after just a few steps. There are a few requirements that you must fulfill while applying for LTC.

In this article, we will disclose all the important points that you need to know before applying for LTC. We will also discuss the importance of this license in Texas. How much money is required for getting this license?

To get the complete information, read the article below.

Overview of LTC

LTC stands for “Texas License to Carry” which replaced the Texas Concealed Carry. This is a license or permit for the citizen of Texas and other Non-Residents who want to carry a handgun.

Why LTC is important? / What are the advantages of having a “Texas License to Carry”?

Texas License to Carry becomes very much important if there is a sudden emergency and you want to defend yourself against an enemy with your gun. Using your gun for self defense when it’s necessary under LTC will not be illegal.

There are many other advantages of having a Texas License to Carry. Following are listed a few of those advantages.

  • LTC provides Trespass protection.
  • It provides the facility of carrying a weapon on campus
  • LTC also paves the way for a weapon in a school zone carries for sake of protection.
  • LTC is so powerful that it will allow you to carry your weapon in 37 other states.
  • Carrying a weapon with yourself for self-defense gives you mental peace when you have an LTC.
  • If you want to buy a gun for yourself when you have an LTC, there will be no background checking for you.
  • Law enforcement will not charge you for carrying a weapon with Texas License to Carry.
  • You must get 4-6 hours of training before applying for LTC. This will enable you to learn the important carry laws.
  • You will have many legal protections when you get your Texas License to Carry.

What are the eligibility criteria for Texas License to Carry?

Texas has very lenient laws for carrying licenses but still, there are certain conditions that a person should fulfill before applying for LTC. Texas Department of Public security awards the carrying license to only a specific eligible person.

Following are the eligibility criteria of Texas License to Carry.

  • The age of the applicant of LTC should be 21 or more. Active military personnel can apply for LTC even if he is under 21.
  • There shouldn’t be any Felony convictions against the person. A police record of any law violation or arrest.
  • The person shouldn’t be dependent on chemicals or drugs.
  • Applicants should be qualified for purchasing a handgun.
  • The person applying for LTC should be a legal Texas resident for at least 6 months.
  • There shouldn’t be any pending criminal charges against a person.
  • The person should be psychologically fit. For this a proper psychological diagnosis report.
  • Applicant should contain a 4-6 hours of training certificate from a DPS approved institute.

If you meet all these eligibility criteria, you can apply for the license. You must follow specific steps for this.

What is the procedure for getting a Texas License to Carry?

Following are the required procedure steps for LTC.

  1. Get enrolled in a 4-6 hours training course from any DPS approved institute. Our 4 hour online course is the cheapest and most effective training. You have to pass a written exam along with a shooting proficiency test.
  2. Visit the official website of the Texas government and apply online by submitting an online application.
  3. Submit the required fee (i.e., $40). You will receive a confirmation email at your provided email address.
  4. Book an appointment for your fingerprints at IdentGo. This is a private company that will take your fingerprints on the provided date and time. Submit a fee of $10 for fingerprints.
  5. Submit your online LTC application with a training certificate.
  6. Your application for LTC will be submitted successfully. You will get an email notification.

What is the fee of having a Texas License to Carry?

You will have to submit a total fee of $50. This fee will be cut to half for military veterans. Your Texas License to Carry will be valid for the next 5 years. It will get approximately 60 days for your License processes and delivery.

What if you carry a weapon without a Texas License to Carry?

Texas has introduced weapon carrying laws for the citizens. A person holding this permit or license cannot take his weapon/gun anywhere where he wants. There are several restrictions for this.

All the do’s and don’ts of carrying an LTC license will be taught to you in your training course.

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