You are currently viewing $40 Online Texas License to Carry: Texas
  CCW Online Class

$40 Online Texas License to Carry: Texas CCW Online Class

$40 Online Texas License to Carry: Texas CCW Online Class

At just $40, our online Texas LTC class is the cheapest in the state of Texas. Texas now permits online courses to be taken with the official Texas license to carry. The Texas Department of Public Safety has given its statewide approval to our online Texas LTC course. We provide our online license to carry classes to anyone in Texas and nationwide.

The Texas LTC online course is incredibly simple to use and compatible with all devices, including smartphones! It is self-paced and keeps track of your progress so you can go at your own speed. To make the entire course simple to understand, we split it down. We promise you will pass the course because it is that simple!

Texas State License to Carry Law

With the Texas Department of Safety, we hold a qualified license to carry instructors. The official State course required to obtain a Texas license to carry a handgun in Texas, whether concealed or open, is this online course. The entire state has authorized and accredited our $40 online Texas LTC course.

How About the Texas LTC Shooting Qualification?

That's simple. For the shooting part, you can use any local LTC instructor in your area. To locate an instructor in your area, you will have access to our instructor locator. The online Texas LTC course must be finished as the first step. We will find a teacher for you. Every month, thousands of students from all over Texas enroll online with us.

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