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Best Texas License to Carry Insurance 2023

The State of Texas has made some serious strides in promoting the second amendment to its citizens. With recent strides made towards smacking down a law that prohibited 18-21-year-olds from obtaining licenses to carry as unconstitutional, even more in the Lone Star State are taking their rights into their own hands.  At the forefront of what seems to be a revival for the 2nd Amendment, the residents of Texas are bolstered even more by their right to protect themselves and their loved ones.

If you reside in the state of Texas, you may be able to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property from life-threatening situations, but are you protected from the moments after the dust settles and the gavel strikes? If not, you may want to take a look at the best Texas license to carry insurance in 2023.

Does Texas Have Constitutional Carry?

On September 1st, 2021, Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 1927, and coined the “constitutional carry bill” into law. Amended in late 2022, the bill solidifies that the residents of Texas may openly or concealed carry firearms in public. The bill also goes over the defined places in which an eligible gun owner may not carry his or her firearm without a permit.

  • In order to be eligible under HB 1927, People in the state of Texas must:
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • be able to legally purchase and possess handguns under both federal and Texas law
  • not have been convicted within the last five years of certain misdemeanor crimes, (assault leading to bodily injury, deadly conduct, terroristic threat, unjust discharge, or unwarranted display of a firearm)

Where can’t I carry without a permit in Texas?

  • School or educational institution – federal law federal law generally prohibits the possession of a firearm within 1,000 feet of a public, parochial, or private school.
  • Polling place – during an election, it is prohibited to carry a firearm in the building or portion of the building where voting is taking place. This does not mean that carrying will be prohibited when an election is not underway.
  • Court or office utilized by a court
  • Racetrack where pari-mutuel wagering takes place
  • The secure area of an airport (e., inside the metal detectors)
  • Within 1,000 feet of a location designated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (“TDCJ”) as a place of execution on the day a death sentence is to be imposed;
  • Bar
  • Professional sporting event;
  • Correctional facility;
  • Civil commitment facility
  • Hospital or nursing home;
  • Mental hospital;
  • Amusement park;
  • Room or rooms of an open meeting of a governmental entity.

What is a Texas License to Carry (LTC)?

The Texas LTC was created after HB 1927 was passed. It is essentially an upgraded version of the Texas concealed carry permit, with reciprocity in 30 other states, and offering the ability to carry in more locations than HB 1927 allows without a permit. The Texas LTC also comes with a variety of perks that make buying/owning a firearm a lot easier. The benefits of having a Texas LTC include:

          Firearms Training Requirements
          • Ability to purchase firearms without an FBI instant check needed.
          • Carry in 37 other states besides Texas.
          • Under the Texas Labor Code employers cannot prohibit an LTC holder from having a handgun in their vehicle in the company parking area. Non-holders can be prohibited.
          • LTC holders are not subject to felony prosecution under the Federal Gun Free School Zone law.

          If you don’t have a Texas License to Carry (LTC) – Texas Concealed Carry. We would love to start you down your journey of obtaining a Texas LTC.

          What is License to Carry Insurance?

          Texas is a constitutional carry state, but there are a great deal of advantages that come along with a license to carry. In this instance, anyone eligible to own a firearm can carry or conceal in the state of Texas without a license. The only caveat is where an eligible firearm owner can carry. The LTC provides more locations for people to carry, even when it comes to places where firearms are not allowed according to federal law

          License to Carry insurance is almost exactly as it sounds. Essentially it provides financial aid for civil or criminal litigation in which someone has used a firearm with their LTC license. These insurance policies are guided by membership plans that offer coverage on a wide variety of legal expenses like bail bonds, lawyer fees and more.

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          LTC Insurance Vs Concealed Carry Insurance

          While both are effectively the same thing, in Texas, there is no license required for concealed carry according to HB 1927. That means, anyone who can legally own a firearm in the state is permitted to conceal their firearm in public. What this does not cover is the specific location a person can conceal in a location that only an LTC holder may carry in. LTC holders may carry in otherwise prohibited locations like:

          • Hospitals
          • nursing homes
          • amusement parks
          • Churches
          • place of worship
          • governmental courts or offices

          In this case, LTC insurance is provided for those in the state of Texas, pertaining to the stipulations governing the Texas license to carry, whereas concealed carry insurance suits a broader range of state concealed carry permits.

          Is Texas License to Carry Insurance Worth it?

          For as little as 10.95 a month, members of  U.S. LawShield receive access to a host of features including:

          • 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline
          • Non-emergency access to our Independent Program Attorneys
          • Unlimited civil & criminal defense litigation coverage
          • Coverage for all legal weapons
          • State-specific educational videos, law updates, and online resources
          • All this and more for as little as $10.95 per month

          With U.S. LawShield, the focus is not only on providing aid during a court case, but empowering its members with the necessary knowledge of gun legislation, ownership, and tactics. Resources are available at all times for members through a host of different mediums like books, videos, and in-person workshops and seminars.  With base coverage including all you see above, members can upgrade and customize there coverage by adding a host of other features like gun owner identity theft coverage and the ability to save with multiple memberships in the household.

          U.S. Lawshield VS Competitors

          U.S. LawShield is a community driven organization whose roots are based in Texas. With  a strong desire to preserve the 2nd amendment, the company looks to provide knowledge through multiple outlets while offering an affordable segue into self defense litigation that everyone can use. Once a member, members get immediate access to an attorney who is available 24/7. The membership does not work like other insurance policies, which contain many hidden fees, copays, and deductibles. Instead, U.S. Lawshield provides the same coverage and more for no hassle, and a consistently affordable monthly subscription.

          U.S. LawShield offers a base coverage plan, which covers a lot more than simple access to an attorney. The resources of knowledge and emergency hotline are just the beginning as well. U.S LawShield covers civil and criminal defense litigation for all legal weapons as well. What  it offers uniquely from other self-defense insurance providers is the ability customize the package with extra policies like:

          Gunowner Identity Theft Coverage – “A stolen gun or compromised ID is bad enough, but as a gun owner, it’s worse if it happens to you. Protect your name and right to carry with this powerful add-on.”

          Multi-State Protection – “Extend the power of your membership outside the borders of your home state to the entire country (including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico).”

          Minor Children – “Extend the membership services and benefits you enjoy to all minors so they’re protected in your home, on your property, or even on the playground with this popular add-on.”

          Bail Bond & Expert Witness – “Members with this add-on receive bond fee protection for bail up to $50,000 and an expert witness at trial, if necessary.”

          Hunter & Angler Regulatory Assistance – “Hunting and fishing laws are complex and constantly changing. By selecting HunterShield®, you get additional coverage specifically crafted for hunters and anglers and the issues they may face. Get protected in the woods and on the water with this option.”

          Affordable Payment Options – “You can select our monthly or annual affordable payment plan options.  And, if you choose a dual membership for yourself or another household member, by selecting the annual payment plan, you’ll gain savings over the monthly rate – go annual and save!”

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          Why Choose U.S Law Shield LTC Insurance?

          While it may be a surprise to some, charges may be brought up against either side of an altercation after a firearm has been used in a self defense situation. In an instant, innocent defenders of life and property can be thrust from their own freedoms in an all-out uphill battle to clear their names. It is at that moment when it becomes necessary to find a local criminal defense attorney, but that typically comes with overwhelming and sudden expenses. The U.S. LawShield coverage mitigates the mental and financial strain of a situation like this by offering quick access to expert lawyers who are prepared and eager to defend its members in a court of law.

          U.S. LawShield offers plans for a variety of specific situations revolving around its mission to help its members with legal defense for self defense. The company offers multiple plans based on its members unique situations in a “build your own” kind of platform geared towards its members’ needs, house, and budget. Plans also cover such occupations as security officers, first responders, and hunters.

          U.S LawShield provides access to a plethora of resources all very easily accessible to its members at any point in time. With nationwide coverage, LawShield held workshops and seminars may only be an hour drive away. However, access to specific state knowledge is also available in the Armed and Educated  book series which contain important information about:

          • Where you can and cannot legally possess a firearm
          • When you are legally allowed to use a firearm
          • Real examples of how gun law impacts your life
          • Clear explanations that separate myth from reality
          • Practical information to keep you on the right side of the law

          Not only that, but U.S LawShield up-to-date newsletter is constantly posting useful information about firearms laws on a bi-monthly scale. U.S. LawShield is a great option for those who are looking for a new LTC insurance provider in the state of Texas and the United States as a whole, because of the strides it goes through to keep its members well-informed and well-protected in the case of a self-defense litigation emergency.

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          It is no secret that Texas has led the country in 2nd amendment advocacy. It is only fitting then that U.S LawShield, a grass-roots, Texas, native, community driven organization offers the best LTC insurance as well. With a mission of not only helping its members through the tough legal battles that befall self defense altercations with firearms, the company promises to deliver a host of knowledge both in and out of the courtroom to better its member’s preparedness and ability to preserve the 2nd amendment. Become a member of U.S LawShield and protect your rights today!