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Online Concealed Carry Classes Now Legal in Texas

The passage of House Bill 3784 in 2016 has made it possible for concealed carry classes to be offered online.

This law was passed after years-long discussions about how best accommodate those who want this type of license, but live too far away from any physical location offering such courses or have other commitments that prevent them taking such meetings on a regular basis.”

Our Texas Concealed Carry Online Course is a popular option for those who want to get their license but don’t have the time to take away from work. With todays crazy gas prices and inflation Our Online License to Carry Class has become extremely popular.

Our online classes allow students of all backgrounds, ages, and locations take this important course without having an appointment with a licensed instructor in one place at any specific time – which means more flexibility than ever before!

Approved Statewide

Online Concealed Carry Class - Womens Left Handed Carry Concealed - The Official Online Texas License to Carry Class - Texas handgun license

If you’re looking to get your Texas Concealed License (License to Carry Texas), our online course is the perfect way. You can study 24/7 at home in any time zone with self-paced lessons that are 100% approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety!

A google search will show many sites offering “online concealed firearm licenses” Make sure to search for Texas online carry classes with care. Many websites advertising non-resident permits are actually in Utah, Virginia, heck any other state but Texas which gives you access to the wrong state’s permit!

To find a reputable school check out their reviews, like my grandpa always said the true truth serum is daylight.

We offer the official online course here: Online Texas License to Carry Class

Shooting Range Requirement

The online class is a great way for you to get training and education about gun safety, no matter where in the country that your home address may be. You’ll have all of this without having take time off work or travel far!

After completion we will help you get in touch with a local LTC Instructor to complete you range qualification familiarization. There are Waivers for Certain Sate Employees, Military/Veterans, Jailers.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions. We respond fast to emails and will be happy to assist you with anything you need. We have made it easy to get your license to carry. If you are ready to take the online class to get your carry permit, click the link below to get started.