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  DPS Approved

LTC Class in Corpus Christi Texas – 100% DPS Approved

Online Handgun License to Carry LTC Class in Corpus Christi Texas

The new age requirement for the Texas License to Carry - Texas Concealed Carry is now only 18 years old per Law.

Firearms Policy Coalition, Inc. et. al., v. Steven McCraw, et. al., No. 4:21-cv-1245-P

The State of Texas requires residents who want to carry a handgun with protections must obtain a License to Carry (LTC) permit. The LTC class is a critical component of the application process, as it provides instruction on state laws, safe handling and storage of firearms, and how to properly use a handgun. In Corpus Christi, Texas, residents have the option of taking the LTC class in a traditional, in-person setting or online.

Our Online LTC class has become increasingly popular in recent years, due to the convenience and flexibility of our class. It offers a convenient way for busy Americans to meet the LTC class requirement without having to take time off work or travel to a physical location.

Additionally, our online class is more affordable than an in-person class and can be taken at any time, on any device with internet, making it a great option for those who have a busy schedule.

LTC Class in Corpus Christi Texas - License to Carry in Corpus Christi Texas - Corpus Christi Texas Concealed Carry

Our online LTC class offered in Corpus Christi, Texas, is a comprehensive program that covers all the essential topics required by the state. The class consists of several modules, each of which covers a specific topic related to Texas LTC laws and the responsible use of firearms. The modules are delivered through a combination of video lectures, interactive quizzes, and written materials.

Modules for our LTC Class in Corpus Christi Texas

The first module covers Texas LTC laws and regulations, including the state's "Castle Doctrine" and "Stand Your Ground" laws. This module provides a comprehensive overview of the legal framework governing the possession and use of firearms in Texas, including the circumstances under which a person may legally use a handgun in self-defense.

The second module focuses on firearm safety and handling. This module covers the proper storage and transport of firearms, as well as the rules for handling firearms in various situations, such as at home, in public, and while hunting. The module also covers the basics of gun maintenance and cleaning, ensuring that students have a solid understanding of how to keep their firearms in good working order.

The third module covers the basics of shooting, including proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control. This module provides students with an introduction to the fundamentals of shooting, enabling them to develop good shooting habits from the start. The module also covers the use of different types of firearms, such as revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, and the various types of ammunition available for each.

LTC Class in Corpus Christi - LTC Training Corpus Christi - License to Carry Corpus CHristi Texas

The fourth module focuses on conflict resolution and nonviolent dispute resolution. This module covers the importance of avoiding conflicts whenever possible and how to defuse potentially violent situations before they escalate. The module also covers the psychological and physiological effects of a self-defense situation and how to manage those effects.

Finally, the fifth module covers Texas LTC application procedures and requirements. This module provides students with a step-by-step guide to the LTC application process, including instructions on how to complete the application, what documentation is required, and how to submit the application to the appropriate state agencies.

We are constantly updating our class to contain all information required by stat law, and improvements for more interactivity.

Once a student has completed all the modules and taken a short quiz, they will be able to print a certificate, which they can use to demonstrate that they have completed the LTC class requirement.

What after I completed the LTC Class in Corpus Christi Texas

However, it is important to note that the online class is just one component of the LTC application process, and students will still need to complete the required fingerprinting, background check, and range proficiency demonstration before their LTC permit will be issued.

The online Handgun LTC Class in Corpus Christi Texas, provides a convenient and flexible way for residents to meet the State's LTC class requirement. Our comprehensive program covers all the essential topics required by the state and is delivered in an engaging and easy-to-follow format.

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