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Is The LTC Worth Getting in 2024?

Is the LTC Worth Getting? Absolutely!

The LTC is worth getting for those who want the freedom and convenience of carrying with less restrictions.

All this plus our commitment to quality leaves customers happy—and coming back again soon as well because they know what it takes (performance-wise) not only make them feel good about their purchase.

Permitless carry is a great option for those who find they need to transport their weapon regularly. However, there are some major differences between the two that you should know before going all-out with this new idea!

The main difference between them involves where and how an individual can legally take out his/her firearm under Permitless vs LTC. With LTCs it’s possible in most public spaces whereas permits require permission from property owners or law enforcement officials beforehand depending on what state we’re talking about here – but even then, not everywhere because these rules change frequently so do research first.

Texas is a great state to live in and it’s even better when you can carry without worrying about the restrictions that come with permits. The Texas License To Carry provides its citizens many benefits, one of which being protection from law enforcement because they know who has what license!


  • Peace of mind
  • Trespass Protection
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Carry in more places
  • Legal protection
  • School zone carry
  • Campus carry
  • Carry in 37 states
  • Carry past “no gun” signs
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Bypass background checks when buying guns
  • Peace of mind
  • Learn the laws

License To Carry (LTC)

The LTC is a great investment for those who want to be able protect themselves and others. We offer an online Texas license class that has been approved by the state, so you don’t need any additional training or experience with guns in order take it!

‘No one fails our LTC course,’ is what they say. And it’s true! Our online learning portal offers the most comprehensive and easy-to follow curriculum for those who want to get their permit in Texas, quickly becoming an invaluable resource of knowledge on self-defense as well as legally carrying guns across state lines without worrying about crossing any borders into another country with strict firearm laws like Canada does now days. All you need are internet access (or cellular) along some video training materials which can be accessed from anywhere at any time via your smart phone or tablet device – so give this link below if interested because there really isn’t anything stopping anyone anymore…