Is the LTC worth getting

Well, if you are going to purchase a handgun and want to move freely with fewer restrictions, then an LTC is a wise investment to get.

Getting an LTC is not that difficult as there are only 2 portions to the test and then the application paper you need to submit which can happen online as well.

Permit-less carry is now possible as well in Texas and is quite helpful for those who travel quite a lot and always carry. However, though a permit is not required, a permit-less carrier does not enjoy the same benefits a permit carrier experiences.

We are talking about being allowed to carry in nearly all public places except if there is an official no firearm sign. 

For a permit-less carrier, they would have to take permission to carry on a few different types of property which someone with a permit does not have to do.

Texas has one of the most relaxed gun laws in the country.

When it comes to the great state of Texas, permit-less carry is completely allowed and there is no issue with that, but even then, without a permit, you will encounter problem after problem because of your handgun.

Why would you voluntarily want to hit obstacle after obstacle when buying a gun, carrying a gun, carrying on a certain property, when speaking to a court or law enforcement, etc.

An LTC saves you from all this hassle and smooths out nearly every process or thing related to your handgun

An LTC offers many benefits to its holders is something every gun owner should consider getting. 

Benefits of getting an LTC

One of the major benefits of getting a License to Carry is the ability to carry in far more places.

With permit-less carry, you are required to ask permission to carry in a number of public places which can get annoying at times. An LTC holder does not need to do all that.

Another thing an LTC holder can do is carry a handgun in recreational activities such as biking, hiking, boating, hunting, etc. for as long as there is no sign banning firearms.

Because of this, LTC holders can enjoy spending time with their families spending quality time whilst still being able to defend themselves if danger were to arise.

Another major benefit that comes with an LTC is legal protection. 

This cannot be stressed enough

An LTC is like a driver’s license, everyone can recognize it and it holds significant weight. 

When going to court or being stopped by an officer, showing an LTC can save you a whole lot of potential trouble as you can 100% argue that you carried legally.

A permit-less carrier does not have this benefit and often may be wrongly accused or may be given a significantly harder time as no one knows if the person is qualified to carry or not as there is no official license saying so.

Getting an LTC will give you immense peace of mind and confidence that you are not doing anything wrong.

It takes a little bit of time and some effort, but the benefits are 100% worth it. Do not overlook this as it may help you in the future.

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