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  to Carry?
Is it Important to Get your Texas License to Carry?

Is it Important to Get your Texas License to Carry?

If you’re wondering what it implies for your current Texas License to Carry Texas (LTC) or if you should acquire an License to Carry Texas at all, the quick answer is that an LTC is an excellent thing to have.

Texans must now get a license to carry a weapon, either openly or hidden. A six-hour training course, a written exam, and a shooting competence exam are all required for the license.

People who are legally entitled to possess and carry weapons will be able to carry their guns without a permission in Texas even after HB 1927 took effect—to a point. This is when your LTC will come in helpful. The new legislation prohibits you from carrying wherever and anyplace. That implies that if you wish to carry in other places, including other states, you’ll require an Texas License to Carry.

In most public areas in Texas, handguns were the only type of firearm that needed a state license to carry. Long firearms, such as shotguns and rifles, including semi-automatic rifles, have been and continue to be openly carried in most public locations in Texas without a license.


Obtaining a guns license, on the other hand, provides advantages. A handgun license would grant the holder reciprocity in other states that have approved similar laws. When casting a ballot, a license is also regarded an acceptable form of ID, and it enables speedy entrance inside the Texas Capitol.

There are some places where you can only carry your handgun if you have a valid Texas LTC; if you don’t have an LTC and are carrying under HB 1927, you won’t be able to carry in certain regions. This is just one of the reasons you should keep your LTC, even after HB 1927 passed. You will still be barred from some venues if you do not have your LTC.

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The Importance Of Carrying A License In The State Of Texas

I get a lot of inquiries about what people term conceal and carry, but what we call it in Texas is a Texas licensed to carry. I’m a strong believer in weapons; in fact, I feel it’s everyone’s constitutional right to own one. I have my conceal and carry license, and I believe that everyone should acquire their concealed carry license because you want to have the appropriate training, and if you have it, you know your gun is lawful, and you don’t have to worry about getting arrested for owning a firearm.

You see, so many times when someone is carrying a weapon and they are arrested, they are charged with an offense, and if they simply had this license, it would have been completely legal, they would not be in jail, they would not be fighting the criminal justice system if they had simply taken the time to obtain the license. I have one, and I believe that everyone who is qualified should have one as well.