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Is it important to Get LTC (License to carry?)

Is it important to Get and LTC? (License to Carry?)

There are a few things that you need to know about the Texas concealed carry law. So we are going to discuss that is it important to get a license to carry in the Texas state? Well, it is important because after that you will be the eligible and legalized person to have concealed carry with you.

Who can carry a gun under the new law?

This law is only applicable who are 21 their age or older than that. Those must also be having a clean criminal record as well.

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Who is excluded from the new law?

A Texan currently disqualified from possessing a firearm is still prohibited under the new law. Lawmakers also raised the penalties for having the illegal weapon carried by felons who have been convicted of family violence offenses. This law also prohibits those people from having handguns that have been convicted of carrying the gun in those areas where it is not allowed.

Where can you carry a handgun without a permit?

Texas concealed carry handguns openly or concealed in the public. Most state buildings, businesses, and governments do not prohibit them. You can carry the guns when you are driving or in your home because in these conditions if someone attacks you then you can protect yourself easily. So, there are a few places listed below where you can keep the concealed carry

  • A government meeting that is held open to the public
  • At the polling station where polling is taking place
  • A courthouse except when specifically you are asked to do so
  • A place where a collegiate, high school, professional sporting or an interscholastic event is being held.
  • A correctional track
  • An amusement park
  • A bar

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Can handgun owners still obtain a license to carry?

Yes, gun owners can still get a license to carry in Texas but it is not required. It’s your wish if you want to have it then you can. Under the previous law, Texans had to pass a safety course and background check to get a license to carry. The law also directs the Texas Department of public and safety to create a free, online gun safety course but training is not required to carry a gun.

One of the best reasons to have a valid Texas LTC aside from the ability to carry in additional places within the state of Texas is reciprocity refers to the other states. Not all the states will offer you reciprocity but those who do will allow you to carry your firearm while you are in that state as long as you have a valid Texas LTC. As carrying with any county or state always make sure that you are much aware of the laws and regulations of that area before going or visiting that area. Always do ground research before going to that area if you want to visit with your firearm because ignorance of the law can never be an excuse for you.

Having your Texas LTC is a very good idea, even with the passing of HB 1927. Not only has it provided additional areas where you can carry your firearm but it also shows that law enforcement you have taken some good steps further in your firearm training.

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Why is it important?

Texas license to carry is important for everyone under the age of 21 or older than that. For that, you need to go through a process, and once you are done with it then you can have the license and carry the Texas concealed carry handgun with you. One important is that it allows you to carry your gun with you openly. People who do not pay attention to getting one can be in serious problem. Once you know that your license is about to get expire then you can apply for the renewal otherwise if you are applying for the first time then you can have it.

If somebody attacks you in a much unforeseen situation and you shoot at him in reply then if you have a license to carry with you can easily justify your shooting to the court and stay safe at the same time. So, concealed carry license is very important and you should be having it.

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