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Do I Need a License to Conceal Carry in Texas?

Do I Need a License to Conceal Carry in Texas?

There are no licenses required to carry a concealed weapon in Texas. Permitless carry law allows people who meet the legal requirements, which includes being at least 21-years old and not having any felony convictions or mental illness that would make them Disqualified.

You may be surprised to find out that there are many requirements and restrictions in Texas for who can carry a handgun without having a Texas License to Carry Handgun License. Make sure you check the law before you decide to carry without a Texas License.

Concealed Carry In Texas

Under the Texas Carry Law, a licensed or unlicensed person has the right to carry their handgun open or concealed. The weapon must be carried in an approved holster regardless of how you choose for it go on your body- there are no laws specifying where these holsters can/cannot located. When Texas passed its own law for unlicensed carry it came with its own restrictions and penalties.

Having a license to carry allows you to carry in more places without all of the restrictions and penalties. While you can carry without a license in Texas you are limited and are better off with the license. The license also provides a lot of legal protections including trespass protection.

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