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Difference between the Texas CHL & Texas LTC

What’s the difference between a CHL and an LTC? Nothing. They both refer to licenses for carrying concealed handguns, which are no longer called Handgun Licenses in Texas. People still call them “CHLI” but most will understand what you’re saying if your voice sounds professional enough!

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Texas CHL

When the license to carry first came out, we were restricted only to concealed carries. The name made perfect sense at that time as all I could do is hidden away in my pocket or under clothes with this tiny little thing?

We called it a CHL – Concealed Handgun License- which fit what most people thought about when they heard “conceal” and then there’s also those who just wanted an easier way of getting their gun without having any paperwork on them so if anything happens while out running errands etcetera…you’re not stuck trying figuring something else out!

Texas LTC

The Texas legislature changed the carry law in 2016, and because of this change some licenses no longer make sense. The official license name now reads “Texas License to Carry Or LTC” because it used to be called just that – A CHL version 2 years ago before open or concealed weapons were allowed by law here at home Statewide!

If you are looking for a license to carry, called an LTC or CHL. There’s no need to worry about what exactly these licenses mean because they all refer back the same thing-a right granted by law that allows holders of these permits/licenses legal access into venues where guns aren’t allowed with them on site!

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Originally posted on March 17, 2022 @ 9:35 pm