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  training and LTC training 

Convenient and affordable online CHL training and LTC training 

At LTC Training Texas we offer Convenient and affordable online CHL training and LTC training. 

Getting your hands on a License to Carry or CHL has never been easier. As of 2017, Texas DPS has allowed for online classes to be a valid form of instruction when getting an LTC.

An online class for obtaining an LTC was developed because is way easier and significantly more convenient than a traditional in-person class.

Usually, an LTC class takes about 4 hours and then you go to pass the shooting qualification. In total, you need to put aside your entire day to get all this done. 

With LTC classes online, this is no longer the case. The process is much smoother and more convenient for anyone to do.

For starters, you can take an online LTC class from anywhere. Meaning that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Another reason why online LTC classes are very convenient is that you do not need to do the entire class portion in one sitting. Rather you can do it at your own pace.

It is done through video modules which are typically 15-20 minutes. You do not have to watch all the videos in one go. Progress is saved and you can come back later or another day to pick up where you had left off.

This is very helpful as you can spread the work over a longer time frame which will give you more time to do other things throughout the day and it won’t stress you as you won’t need to learn so much information on such a short notice.

Who qualifies? Pretty much anyone!

In order to take the class, one must reach certain requirements first to be allowed.

The main qualifications are that the applicant must be:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Fully qualify under both state and federal law to possess a handgun (Reference DPS website for more detail)
  • Never have committed a felony
  • Not be a fugitive of law for either a felony, Class A or B misdemeanor.
  • Be a legal resident of Texas for 6 months before the application or meet special eligibility (Reference DPS website for detail)
  • ***Note: Not everyone requires a permit, permit-less carry is allowed as of September 1, 2021***
  • Not be chemically dependent, such as on a substance physically.
  • Have been deemed with the ability to exercise sound judgment regarding the proper handling of a firearm.
  • (Refer to the DPS website for specific details)

These are just the major qualifications that a potential candidate must pass first. Visit the DPS website for more detailed information.

What does the CHL/ LTC training look like?

The training starts first with the classroom portion. This is usually 4-hours long followed by an exam. 

If you decide to take it online, then you do not have to do all 4-hours at once and you can break your work up into pieces.

Next is a shooting qualification where you will have to shoot under the supervision of a live-fire instructor. 

Once you pass the live-fire test, you will then need to get a fingerprint appointment and just submit all the paperwork at this point.

It takes roughly 8 weeks for everything to be processed so hang tight.

A little bit of patience and you will get your license.

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